Conscious Groomery Q + A

Why are we different?

Q: Does that mean the haircut is different than from other groomers?

A: The end product is the same (with minor exceptions*)

What’s different is our process! We have created a Conscious Groomery, which is a kind and gentle environment using animal Reiki and limited restriction techniques.

Q: So what are those “exceptions”?

A: Here are the *Exceptions (When our groom may look different then another groomers)

1. All groomers have a slightly unique style, which is typically only noticeable to other professionals

2. Since our process focuses on a comfort grooming behavior conditioning technique instead of “restraining” or “forceful” techniques;

-puppies (we help train them to be comfortable with grooming, we do not force them to have a perfect groom- that’s harmful in the long run)

-newly rescued dogs  

-traumatized dogs (dogs that shake with anxiety  or bite other groomers) 

These “exceptions”, may have a “comfort cut” their first time with us until we recondition them into being comfortable with grooming!