We are a Give Back Company. What’s that mean?

We created #ProjectGroom, a volunteer organization that allows your purchases in our boutique, to fund our ability to groom shelter dogs for free so they are hygienically safe, comfortable and greatens their chance for adoption.

We have also extended this to connect groomers from around the world with local shelters for the same mission!

The Story

We have always planned on donating to help pet rescues, shelters and our community, but we didn't know what that would look like. Until a dear friend tagged us in a Facebook post when a local shelter raided a puppy mill and took in 38 dogs in dire need of grooming.

So I called my sister-in-law and spent the next two days laughing + crying while snuggling + grooming dogs. We came across legs + tails matted together, maggots and other bugs living in their mats, as well as having to cut off external tumors hidden inside of mats. Witnessing these babies' gratitude with their gentle kisses, snuggles and happy wiggles when they were finally free of the horrific conditions they had been doomed to, was more than rewarding. (this is one of the reasons why we will never support the breeding and purchasing of a pet) 
So that was that! We created PROJECT GROOM.


Please check our Instagram for shelter details if you are interested in the adoption of any baby you see posted, Thank you for your support! Not only are you helping with hygiene & pampering, but well-groomed dogs are adopted at a higher rate - You are saving lives one groom at a time!

Desh Rain, Founder/President

Desh Rain


Sara Rosen, Outreach Coordinator

Sara Rosen

Outreach Coordinator