If we wouldn't use it on our hair, we wouldn't use it on your pets!

If we wouldn't use it on our hair, we wouldn't use it on your pets!


Northern Kentucky + Greater Cincinnati’s ONLY Organic pet grooming sPaw with essential oils + reiki massages in a calm environment. We specialize in caring for dogs with trauma, health, anxiety and groom-fear issues. The comfot of your pet is our priority, the cute cut is just a by-product! We will not rush them in or out, EVER! If they stress, we cuddle.

No Crates, Hand-Blow Dry, One Dog at a Time, Non-Toxic Organic Spa Products

Absolutely phenomenal experience. I have a very timid (but larger-than-life personality) Yorkie, Vena, who has had numerous bad experiences at the groomer. She took her time, maintained open communication, and made the entire experience enjoyable for Vena & suggested future steps to make Vena more comfortable. I HIGHLY recommend Applehead grooming, especially if you have a dog who isn’t a fan of grooming!
— Lauryn U


bath, brush + blow out, + nails
small breeds $40* large breeds $65*


bath, brush + blow out, nails, pads, sanitary + eyes/feet scissor touch-up only
small breeds $45* large breeds $75*

Full Groom

bath, brush + blow, nails, pads, sanitary, eyes/face + full body cut
Small Breeds $55* large breeds $85*

Manual De-Shedding

follicle massage + furminator


there are tangles, matts + dreads. matts + dreads do not allow for normal combing (if at all), so IF de-matting is possible

$10 {added per 15 minutes of de-matting}




rose water reiki massage (30min) + low stimulation brush out or snuggle play


essential oil soak (15min), pad exfoliant rub, reiki massage (30min) + low stimulation brush + blow out


essential oil bath, brush +blow out, positive play training (45min) + reiki massage (15min)

30 for 30

30 strict minutes of combing, de-tangling + de-matting for ONLY $30

current clients only*

Nails Only

clip or grind
$8 - $15


scrape + brush
$15 - $30





Groom Day Walk + Play

exercise or play inside or walk outside (15min)

Extended Stay

hang out after pick-up time (more than 15min after services are complete)



for frequent client, please ask about our invite only VIP Membership to see if you qualify!


*starting prices. we invite you to call for an estimate. final price is determined at time of appointment based on breed, coat condition + needs.



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