High Protein + Superfood - Spirulina Pumpkin Cat Treats


High Protein + Superfood - Spirulina Pumpkin Cat Treats

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Organic, Vegan, Grain + Gluten Free

*Handmade to order! Please allow for 5 days for baking.

Fresh Herbs, fruits, veggies, beet, algae powders + mindfully gathered healthy ingredients for maximum health + illness prevention

We stand by the helpful touch our treats add to your fur baby's lives - so if ever they do not prefer a certain flavor - bring us the full bag back + we will switch it out no charge!

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Best Organic Cat Treats You May Ever Buy! 

Handmade organic cat treats made fresh with healing herbs, higher than regulated FDA people food ingredients, no GMO's, No Junk!

No Monsanto Franken foods here! 

Deliberate Ingredients purposely picked by Applehead City Pet Founder, Desh Rain!