Limited Edition Warm Christmas | No Bath Spray

Stocking Stuffers for Dogs aand Cats
Stocking Stuffers for Dogs aand Cats

Limited Edition Warm Christmas | No Bath Spray

from 6.00

Enjoy this healing warm Earthy smell with just a touch of sweet!

We are in love with our new small batch limited edition holiday scent!

This is your opportunity not to miss out! We want our lovely Appleheads to get firs pick before the holiday rush cleans us out.

Scent Announcement Oct 20

Order now + Shipment starts Oct 27

Our famous No Bath Spray (Kills Stink + Heals) was created by us right here in Cincinnati! Each blend was crafted by our Founder who has extensive knowledge of holistic healing, pet reiki, pet care taking, as well as years of working with dogs' skin as a groomer. This experience allowed us to make a product that is more than just a topical spray or the now popular “pet essential oil spray." Our Modern Herb: Pet spa line and No Bath Sprays were created with your pets' overall wellness in mind! We don't have dollar signs dancing in our heads, nor do we rely on fads, gimmicks, or petty competition to bring our products to you.

These were created as the first real sprays for pets that actually work and help pet parents finally get relief for their pets’ skin issues.

Wash | Use as normal shampoo, great for oily coat, skin bacteria, stink + more

Nouirsh | Use directly following shampoo, keeps coat from flaking, adds moisture while calming skin

2 in 1 | Perfect for frequent bathing and dry, flaky, itchy skin!

NO BATH Spray | Just spray and go! Kills what causes stink, great with skin issues of all kinds, dry skin, inflammation + so much more!

Safe, non-toxic for

Dogs + Cats <Read Label for how to use on cats>

Organic, handmade with essential oils and a proprietary blend.

  • dry skin/hot spots

  • cell rejuvination

  • joint pain/inflammation

  • stink

  • bacteria

  • flea and tick repellent

Safe, non-toxic ingredients:

  • no fillers

  • no chemicals

  • cruelty free

Stink. Itch. Yeast. Fungus. Flakes. Anxiety + MORE

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  • Handmade, Organic

  • Natural Essential Oils [Essential Oil benefits come from their antioxidant, antimicrobial + anti-inflammatory properties. These healing oils act as natural medicine without any side effects.]

  • Calming to the skin + senses, great for doggies that don't like baths!

  • Made in the USA

  • Bye bye Fleas + hello SOFTEST fur EVER!!!

*Consult your veterinarian and or do not use if you believe your pet may have an allergy to these essential oils.