My Dogs Penis Is Stuck Out! Paraphimosis Natural Remedy

Dogs never bite me. Just humans.”  -Marilyn Monroe

Paraphimosis: Refers to the dog's inability to retract its penis back in to the sheath.

My pups and I visited other pup friends and my old man doggy got waaaay too excited. Yup. That's kind of his thing. No big deal, he's typically barked at and back to normal in ten or 15. Well, to my surprise, hours later he is uncomfortable and humping the air with his penis still out! 

I started researching and it can lead to serious health issues or lead to serious neurological diagnosis. 

So here's the natural remedy I used with household products, and it worked!  

  • Clean: Gently cleaned the area and checked for hair wrapped around it (if there's hair strangulating it, remove it)
  • Suagr Paste: Make a sugar and water paste! Sugar will pull out fluid from the tissues to help to reduce the swelling and shrink the penis. [Want to get technical? Sugar acts as an hyperosmotic agent. Hyperosmotic: By definition, when extracellular fluid osmolarity is greater than that of the intracellular fluid, cells and tissues experience hyperosmotic stress. Conversely, hypoosmotic stress describes the situation where intracellular solute concentrations exceed those outside the cell.]
  • Massage Sugar: Gently massage the penis with the sugar paste, you should start to see a slight shrinkage/retraction in less than a minute. 
  • Ice: Then wrap a frozen bag of peas and gentle hold against the penis for roughly 30 seconds. 
  • Lubricate: If you do not see a full retraction, use a natural lubricant such as coconut oil or organic aloe vera gel (we did not have to lubricate!)
  • Bath: I suggest following with a bath! If you can not, use a warm wet washcloth to "sponge bath" the area. 

Tip: If your pup is squeamish, sit on a chair (feet propped up), or sit on the floor with legs straight out with a towel on your legs (it will get messy!) and lay them on their back on your legs. I use my arm and elbow to gently hold the chest so he cant just pop up. It's important never to make fast movements, even if they start to jump up, just stay calm and stay firm without the "OH No" rash movement. This isn't a punishment, it's a calm form of love. This is what your dog will need to feel. 

*Please use your mindful pet parent judgement and if the penis does not retract in 30 minutes, call your vet or take them to the emergency animal care closet to you.