Gourmet Cookies | Modern Herb: Dog

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Applehead City Pet 1.jpg

Gourmet Cookies | Modern Herb: Dog

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Welcome to our Gourmet Line! Recipes will be available in shifts through the seasons.

Organic, handmade, people tested and doggy approved!

  • Majority recipes are grain and gluten free

  • no water

  • no preservatives

  • no fillers

  • human foods are the only ingredients

  • 6-9 week shelf life

Case of 24 | per item WS: $2.70 MSR: $5-$6.5

Case of 100 | per item WS: $2.50 MSR: $5-$6.5

* All new Applehead Retail Members will receive scent/flavor variation depending on what is fresh made in stock.

Spring/Summer Recipes:

Apple Butter Cookies

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