Our Modern Herb:Pet Organic Spa Line was Deliberately Created with Ingredients that do more than just clean


Our products have been mindfully created with layers of love, experience and purpose. We are a vegan company with a realization that the grooming products we were taught were “all natural” and “spa quality” were full of chemicals that have been linked to dry skin, rough coat, skin rashes and even cancers. For over a decade we had taught and practiced holistic healing with foods and what we put in our pets bodies, this was our time to practice holistic care by what is also put on the body!

Within 60 seconds, everything that touches the skin makes its way into the bloodstream. What we use on our pets in and out of the bathtub, matters more than you may think!

Our Dog and Cat Spa line is made with organic, non-toxic, nourishing ingredients with medicinal grade essential oils with a range of benefits from dry skin, calming to the nervous system and is anti-microbial. Your pet will have long lasting, super soft and best smelling fur well after bath time!